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FiiO A5 Review: Probably the Best Amp in FiiO’s Collection

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FiiO is a Chinese company that got its big break when their headphone amplifiers hit the market. An amp with the product name E12 achieved huge success as soon as it had its premiere in 2013. Rewind a few years forward and FiiO has released the third generation of the legendary E12 amplifier. We’re talking about the product named A5.

A5 is an amplifier that takes all the best of all previous versions of FiiO amplifiers. It has as impressive power output as its predecessor, but comes with plenty of improvements. First, it performs much better when it comes to channel balance and has a much lower noise floor.

All of this is making the users love it. In turn, A5 is one of the best-selling headphone amplifiers on the market. Sure, there’s another reason why that is the case – as E12 model is discontinued, they can choose between used E12 and brand-new A5 amps. And the reason why most go with the latter is that the price is basically the same, but the quality is on A5’s side. A new A5 can be found for basically the same price as used E12.

Features of FiiO A5                 

  • Headphone impedance: 16-300 Ω – This amplifier is compatible with headphones that have impedance rating somewhere in the range between 16 and 300 Ohms.
  • Frequency response: 10-90,000 Hz – This amp covers all the frequencies that the human ear can hear and even goes beyond that range.
  • Aluminum alloy body – Thanks to the fact that the body and chassis of the amp are made of aluminum alloy, FiiO has managed to solve the EM interference issue that some previous models had.
  • 880mAh Li-Po integrated battery – FiiO A5 comes with a built-in battery that has a big enough capacity to provide you with more than 13 hours of play time. And in order to charge the battery, you need to use the 5V/2A charger that comes include in the package. The battery charging time is about two to three hours.
  • CNC stainless steel jacks – Many other amp models use copper as the material of which headphone connectors are made. But, not this one; A5 uses stainless steel connectors. The result is that the connectors are more durable than their copper counterparts.

Pros & Cons

Probably the easiest way to see whether FiiO A5 is the right choice for you is to take a look at the list of all the good things about this amp. And you also need to take a look at the things that are not so brilliant.


  • Power – This amp has so much power it can raise the power and volume way over the comfortable listening limits.
  • Decent bass – Take a look at any FiiO A5 review and you will see that the users are generally impressed with the quality of bass created by this amp.
  • Great built quality – FiiO did a really fine job designing this amp to be comfy to use, easy to carry around, and very pleasing on the eye. On top of everything, the amplifier is built to last for a long time. It’s very sturdy and much more durable than many other amps made by the same company.
  • Pretty reasonable price – Considering its performances and its built quality, this amp is pretty cheap. Sure, you may find cheaper headphone amplifiers, but they probably won’t have as impressive specs and features as A5.


  • Not for professional use – Although the performances of A5 are more than decent, this amp is still not good enough for studio use. For instance, one of the main complaints found in FiiO A5 reviews is that when you turn the volume up to more than 60%, certain hissing sounds start appearing.

Final Word

The phrase “bang for the buck” comes to mind when A5 is discussed. This amplifier really gives you a lot at a very affordable price. But, does this mean you should buy it straight away? Well, if you’re looking for a decent headphone amp, but you don’t want to spend too much cash, FiiO’s amp is definitely a suitable choice. Of course, it can’t compare to some more expensive amps in terms of audio quality. However, if you’re not planning to use it in a music studio, it should be able to do a fine job.



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