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FiiO A3 Review – A Budget Headphone Amplifier, High-End Performance

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Do you need an amp for headphones with impedance between 16 and 150 Ohms? Would you like that amp to be able to give you a bass boost of more than 3dB? And would you like the amp you buy to have a decent battery life, so that you would be able to listen to your favorite music for more than 16 hours on a single charge?

If you said yes to these questions, then FiiO A3 might be the right amplifier for you. It will provide you with all the aforementioned things without smashing your budget. FiiO A3 is one of the most affordable headphone amps on today’s market.

Of course, being cheap does not mean that FiiO A3 is cheaply-made. If you’re a true audiophile you’ve probably already came across this company. If you’re not, let us tell you that FiiO is a Chinese company that’s established a reputation of manufacturer that makes affordable, yet very quality amps. That said, you can be sure that A3 will serve you well. And if you’re worried about its performances, you better take a look at this amp’s features!

Features of FiiO A3

  • Headphone impedance compatibility – This amplifier is best used in combination with headphones whose impedance is between 16 and 150 Ohms. A3 has a gain switch which is there to make sure the output will match to the needs of the headphones.
  • Bass boost – Discrete bass boost increases the output by as much as 3.5 decibels at the sound frequency of 60 Hz.
  • Aluminum body – FiiO decided to go with aluminum for the material of the amp’s body to prevent any possible EM interference, as well as to make the amp more rugged.
  • 1400mAh battery – FiiO A3 has a built-in battery with enough capacity for keeping it on for more than 16 hours straight.

Pros & Cons of FiiO A3


  • Decent performance – Although it’s not the very best headphone amplifier out there, we think A3 will not disappoint you with its performances.
  • Great battery life – The fact that this amp can run more than 16 hours straight on a single charge means that its battery is really awesome. And apart from having a great capacity, the battery is also fast to recharge.
  • Easy to use – This amplifier is compact, thus very easy to carry around. It’s also designed to be very easy to control and even to look real nice. Speaking of looks, in all honesty, it reminds of a small flask. But, it’s pretty elegant, that’s for sure, regardless of which color you choose – black, silver, or titanium.
  • Very affordable – FiiO A3 is one of the cheapest headphone amplifiers you can find on the market today. In fact, a new A3 is much cheaper even than some used amps.


  • Not suitable for high-impedance headphones – FiiO might not be the very best choice for high-impedance headphones, that is, those with more than 150 Ohms.

Final Word

We’ve come to the part of FiiO A3 review when we need to give it our recommendation. So, is A3 worth buying or not? We think that those who don’t have big demands could do well with A3. The reason is that its price is pretty affordable.

But, on the other hand, if you’re a true audiophile, you may not be satisfied with what A3 has to offer. In that case, a more suitable option would be some of other FiiO-made headphone amplifiers, like A5, for example. Of course, if you want a better amp, you will need to pay more. And if you don’t wanna pay much, FiiO A3 should be good enough!


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